Savory flavors 🥗 + Edible rainbows 🌈 = Healthy eating habits for LIFE! ❤️

Greetings from Fresh Bellies®, the world of mommy-made goodness. Freshly picked herbs, bold spices and unmasked veggies  make our sweet and savory flavors one of a kind. We help your child’s palate grow by exposing them to the bold and savory flavors they will eat as they get older. Fresh Bellies® purees are USDA Certified Organic, preservative-free and feature convenient packaging with a spoon in the lid, ideal for encouraging healthy eating habits, at home or on-the-go. Good-bye, picky eating. Hello, Fresh Bellies®!


Spice it up!

We season our food with herbs and spices (never sugar or salt). Because, well, babies like yummy food too!

Celebrate the Savory

We never mask our veggies with sweet fruit, so children learn to enjoy the savory too. Imagine that!

It's Clean, Baby!

Our purees are made with whole, organic ingredients, never preservatives or additives. Like, real food for babies. Sweet!

It may take more than one bite for your little one!

Every child is different and teaching kids to eat savory foods can take time (and we don’t mean sweet veggies like carrots, squash and sweet potato!) Introducing little palates to the real flavor of green veggies like broccoli and Swiss chard may not be as easy as introducing them to fruit sugars or other sweet foods, but if we teach kids to take on bold and savory flavors early on we are shaping their eating habits for life. Studies show that by exposing our children to the same flavors multiple times and in different settings, they become more accepting of those same flavors over time. Yet, 1 out of every 4 parents draws premature conclusions around their child’s food preferences after merely 2 or fewer exposures. If the beets end up on the floor on the first day, give it a few days and try again. Eating is a learned behavior, so with consistency and practice comes familiarity, which eventually leads to masteryNever force your baby to eat something she’s rejecting, but don’t give up on food or your baby, either. Food and babies are a delicate balance of exploration and palate formation.  

Winning at kid food

what badass people have to say

We now know enough about palate development to understand that it happens earlier than we thought...Saskia (Fresh Belies Founder) is one of the first people to reimagine the industry in this way, providing families with a product that redefines baby food and can impact children's eating from the get go.

Amy Bentley, Professor in NYU's Department of Nutrition & Food Studies and bestselling author of Inventing Baby Food.

I have personally sampled a few Fresh Bellies flavors, and they are truly delicious -- they taste exactly like the best version of the fruits and veggies they're made from. I also love Saskia's philosophy about feeding babies. She believes in encouraging babies to try all sorts of foods, including what many people would consider challenging vegetables.

Jenna Helwig, Food Editor at Parents Magazine & author of Real Baby Food.

The full sensory experience of a spoonful of real food cannot be matched. Babies need adequate nutrition for their physical and cognitive development, from preventing childhood obesity and diabetes to creating a healthier foundation for their adult palates.

Dr. Mary Versfelt, Pediatrician, Fresh Bellies Advisor & former Associate in Clinical Pediatrics at Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center and Maria Fareri Children's Hospital

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