Adventurous Eating Starts Here!®

Greetings from Fresh Bellies®, the world of mommy-made goodness. Freshly picked herbs, bold spices and unmasked veggies  make our sweet and savory flavors one of a kind. We help your baby’s palate grow by exposing them to the bold and savory flavors they will eat as they get older. Fresh Bellies® purees are made with organic ingredients, preservative-free and feature convenient packaging with a spoon in the lid, ideal for encouraging fine motor skills, at home or on-the-go. Good-bye, picky eating. Hello, Fresh Bellies®!

What's your favorite rainbow color?

Mix and match any combination of 6 of your favorite flavors! 

Palates In Training®

Spice it up!

We season our food with herbs and spices (never sugar or salt). Because, well, babies like yummy food too!

Celebrate the Savory

We never mask our veggies with sweet fruit, so babies learn to enjoy the savory too. Imagine that!

It's Clean, Baby!

Our purees are made with whole, organic ingredients, never preservatives or additives. Like, real food for babies. Sweet!

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