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Pepperlicious® 6 Pack
Pepperlicious® 6 Pack

Pepperlicious® 6 Pack

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We took roasted red bell peppers, skin included (and yes, you can see the charring on the skin!), freeze dried those suckers then finished them off with a drizzle of sunflower oil and a pinch of sea salt. The end result? A snack you can't stop snacking on (mom and dad included)! Just three non-GMO ingredients. Freeze-dried, never fried.

Contains 6 bags of our crunchy roasted red bell peppers seasoned with sunflower oil and sea salt.

INGREDIENTS: Red bell peppers, sunflower oil, sea salt

We love sweet and savory flavors! But we love them separate. Fresh Bellies is creating a new generation of adventurous, healthy eaters by celebrating savory flavors and seasoning with real herbs and spices. Our freeze-dried toddler snacks focus on the development of a child’s palate, helping little ones learn to enjoy a variety of flavors for life. (And they’re so delicious mom and dad will love them too.) Goodbye, picking eating. Hello, Fresh Bellies!